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"When I realized that over 80% of women experience vulva and vaginal dryness but only 4% have a solution for it, I had to take action!" 

The reality is that talking about things like vulva and vaginal discomfort feels awkward or even embarrassing for many women.

For this reason women don't bring up their concerns with their health care provider and many don't even feel comfortable talking about these topics with their friends either.
This leaves a massive educational gap, and many women are left experiencing discomfort that they don't need to be feeling.


"Hi, I'm Shirley! 

When I was 46, I became obsessed with the lack of quality information and online conversations for women to prepare themself for perimenopause and menopause. And I was driven to fill the gap!" 

This is where Menopause Chicks began - a go to place for women to be their own health advocate and to ask the questions they've previously been too afraid (or embarassed) to ask. 

In 2019 the members of the Menopause Chicks community asked for more information about vaginal dryness. 

They were frustrated with the lack of vaginal health education, the lack of conversation with their health care professionals, and too many women were assuming that vaginal dryness was something they had to tolerate.

Other members were frustrated by the lack of over-the-counter options as they were spending money on products that had great marketing, but ingredient lists were long and full of preservatives and additives. 

"I listened to the members' concerns and brought their request to an integrative pharmacy to develop a non-prescription vaginal moisturizer that contains hyaluronic acid & a little vitamin E" 


Together, we created FEEL AMAZING.


Feel Amazing is a Vulva & Vaginal moisturizer for women designed to both treat and prevent vaginal dryness during perimenopause and postmenopause. 

Finally, a solution for vaginal dryness we can shout about from the rooftops! 

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"I'm so happy this product is now approved by Health Canada! This moisturizer has given me my life back & there are no words to thank you for all you have done for women who previously suffered in silence!"



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